Platform Services

With US based business of ours, we are working on revolutionizing global workforce.Our Workforce ERP product delivers AI-algorithms driven Workforce resource planning.It has HR-ERP modules like Work Structure, Timesheet, Leave Entitled, Employee and Expense Claims.

Work Structure

Work structure module manages workforce information about Job, Grade, Position, Reports To and Number of Reports.Module has resource management capabilities like addition of workforce and searching for personnel.


Compensation module assists in resource planning by managing Base Compensation, Compensation History and Bonus History.This product module provides facilities for entering the pertinent data and querying the resource map.


Timesheet module has facilities to enter information on Attendance and Search Attendance.This is important module as it forms the basis of payroll and resource activities.


Leave module assists employees in handling vacation related activities. It has Apply Leave, Leave Taken, Leave Available and Search Leave forms to handle resource functions.


With this module, one can enter employee details.

Expense Claims

Expense claims lets manage expenses such as meals, travel and other be managed and monitored.

Approval Limit

Approval limit module is for managers approving the claims.


Payroll module has functionality to enter pay information, Search Payroll and search payslip.

Self Service

Self service module allows individual employees deal with Education, Experience, Timesheet and Employee information aspects. With this module, an individual employee can self manage his information with HR oversight.


This module allows to Payroll schedule, Process payroll and update compensation